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Qi Gong with Barney

Big Auntie Fan’s Qi Gong.Qigong (pronounced Chee Gong) is a Chinese health practice with roots dating back 5,000 years, from Daoist and Buddhist sources. In coordinating the body, breath and the mind, the aim is to cultivate and circulate energy (Qi or prana). Qigong is performed in a relaxed manner and this workshop is suitable for all.Big Auntie Fan was the affectionate name given to Fan Fenglan (1884-1967); due to her sincerity, kindness and her prestige in the martial arts circles of Beijing. The session will include her ‘Limitless Wishful Gong’ and some movements from the Swaying Palm (Huang Zhang) sequence. A general introduction to Qigong and its principles will start the session and time will also be given to standing practice (Zhan Zhuang) and walking meditation.Barney is a student and teacher of Fan family style Bagua Zhang and is insured and listed as an instructor with The Tai Chi Union for G.B.

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